6 Tips To Improve Your Web Presence


The internet is another way to define yourself in front of your customers and potential clients. If used properly, you can turn it into your number one selling and brand building outlet. This post aims to share 6 helpful tips that will almost instantly make a difference in your web presence and get you the results you wish to achieve.

Know Your Purpose

Your website is a really powerful tool. But more often than not, you will see companies setting up sites with no specific goal in mind. You have to know what you want to get out of your web presence. Are you looking to generate leads, increase direct sales, build your brand or gain consumer insights? Your goal plays a heavy part in defining your online communication strategy. So know what you want your website to do for you; and then start designing it.

Don’t put everything on the landing page

Information overload is something that is never well received. Your site visitors need to be guided down a path and that becomes insanely hard to do, if you provide them with a large number of starting points. They’ll end up confused and overwhelmed. Remember, that when visitors come to your site, you don’t just expect them to go away after viewing your landing page. You expect them to go deeper and view a detailed description of your products and services. Hence you needn’t worry about giving the visitor a million choices. Visitors already know what they are looking for; and instead of providing numerous options which takes their focus away, provide them with information about your major products and services. This will keep their focus and get them to go deeper into your site to learn more about your offerings.

Put a call to action

Like you would do after any meeting, you need to encourage the viewers to TAKE AN ACTION NOW! It’s good that you have explained what you can do for them. But what’s even better is you pushing them harder to take an action. For example, after explanation of one of your great consulting services, you may want to put a “Book Your Consultation Now” message. Since the user is already in the flow of finding out more about the service, chances are he/she is more likely to book a service at that point.

Implement Analytics

Measuring the success of your website is really important. You need to know if it was even worth putting in all the effort to build your site. That’s why you must use some kind of analytics software that gives you an insight into your efforts. Using analytics, you will be able to track such things as:

– The number of visitors to your site

– The time the visitors spend on your site

– Which pages they have visited

– Where they are coming from

There are also many other things one can track through an analytics software. All very important and useful.

Check out your competitor sites

Competitor websites are really important to assess because:

– they help you identify what your competitors are doing wrong

– you find out what they are doing right, so that you can use the same concepts on your site

– they help you define your unique offering

– you learn about features that others are using; and you must also offer on your site

Achieve top search rankings

There’s no sense in setting up a web presence if hardly anyone comes to your website. So you must make sure that you do increase traffic to your site as soon as possible. One of the best ways to do that is to get on the first pages of Google and other search engines, for your targeted keywords. This will guarantee you targeted traffic that you can convert into your customers.


Today, most of your clients spend most of their time on the internet, in some shape or form; and your web presence defines YOU in front of them. So do use these tips to bolster up your internet presence.



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