Facebook buying Instagram – Welcoming the inevitable


Its not even been a few hours and already the web is buzzing about Instagram being bought by Facebook for a cool 1 Billion USD. “Instagram” is already one of the trending topics on Twitter as I write this short entry. While I see a lot of mixed reviews from “Instagrammers” I honestly saw this as inevitable. If not facebook it would have been one of the other social networks.

I really do like Instagram and I’ve become quite a fond user like its other 30 million users. But the fact remains that the Instagram community shares less amongst themselves on Instagram than they would on FB or Twitter using Instagram. i.e. Its used more as a tool to share pictures on FB and Twitter rather than a picture sharing community in itself. Its only available on mobile devices and people cant log on to an Instagram network through the web; thereby limiting the kind of the social interaction one wants when viewing pictures etc. This is where Pinterest kicks butt. And if anyone was to acquire Pinterest, thats when I would really be surprised.

So what can we expect now from Instagram? 

Well FB and Instagram both say that Instagram will be alive and kicking in the coming future and will operate as a separate entity. But in all honesty how can there not be deep integration between these two platforms now. I wouldnt be surprised if things like picture tagging, commenting and liking features from FB are somehow deeply linked with Instagram functionality. For e.g.  when you’d like a pic on Instagram you end up liking it on FB. Same could happen with commenting. I wouldn’t even be surprised if any picture I upload on Instagram gets uploaded to FB as a default setting. We’ve seen FB play with our settings many times before so wouldnt be that much of a “are they really doing that” moment.

This is  not a bad thing though. I would actually like it because uploading pics using Instagram is much more fun and easy to do than uploading a pic through FB’s mobile app. As a matter of fact thats why I think FB would acquire Instagram – not for shutting it down or to get its userbase…but simply to use an innovative way for people to interact with FB via a mobile platform.

But lets see what the future holds. For now do also check out Instagram’s CEO’s blog entry here

Here is a list of other notable sources that talks about this topic.


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