Facebook Groups – A collaboration tool for businesses?


I have to admit, I never really thought of facebook groups in the professional coordination sense. I thought they were really only effective when it came to speaking to preferred clients, invite only clients or my very close circle of friends and family. But as I was reading this post on mashable on tools for better agency and client coordination, I realized that groups can be used as quite an effective communication and coordination tool, professionally between companies and departments. And that too for totally free!

Think about it. With facebook groups:

–          You get the ability to set up your group visibility (Open, Closed or Secret)

–          You get notifications whenever anyone  posts an update, message or a question

–          You can share images and videos, which is absolutely perfect for sharing designs and media file

–          You can copy and paste text documents and create your own facebook documents

–          You can ask polling questions to get a vote on certain decisions that you’d want to take collectively as a group

The only major thing, that I find missing is the ability to attach documents that the user can download from within the group. A workaround for this would be to post a link to an online repository where you have stored the document; but that indeed does sound like a long workaround.

Nonetheless even without the document sharing, I feel FB groups do allow for a neat collaboration tool because at the end of the day all of your team members are in the loop when it comes to keeping track of whats happenining. They can easily share updates and ask for clarifications. And last but not the least, the decision makers can make the decisions and communicate action plans based on those decisions.

So good going facebook and good job Mashable for highlighting something that I hadn’t thought of yet 🙂

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