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Alright people. In case you haven’t noticed (if you are page admins), Facebook has just introduced the timeline for business pages; and in my view it looks awesome! Facebook plans to roll out timeline for all pages by 30th of March 2012. Which leaves you with at most, a month for you roll it out in the best possible way.

Some of the brands like Coca Cola, American Express and Facebook itself are already sporting the new look. But its not just a new “do”. The concept of the timeline on a facebook page encourages more social activity as well. And in order to maximize the benefit from it, below are some things you need to consider right away.

facebook timeline for pages

1.       Start designing the ultimate cover photo

This is your chance to showcase your brand like never before. You aren’t restricted to the side image any more. You can be really creative and build a work of art that really speaks to your audience. So tell your graphic designers to get cracking.

2.       Build your timeline

Take a look at what Coca Cola and American Express have done. They have defined their timeline all the way back to the late 1800s.  That’s really sharing the history and the evolution of the brand. You can tell your brands story too. Just go to the place where you add the status update, and click on Milestone to add your milestone in the correct year. You can add a message along with a photo to create that great piece of engaging content. This should be done for every significant milestone that you feel defines your brand

3.       Hide the unwanted updates

Lets face it – there must have been some moments that you would rather forget on your page. If that is the case then move through your timeline and hide the status updates that you wouldn’t want people remembering and then reposting.  To hide a post, simply click the pencil icon on the top right of the status and click hide.

4.       Pin the updates you want people to remember

As was the case with the bad updates, im sure there were ones you’d want others to remember as well. Or you simply want some extra exposure given to a status that may have otherwise gone down the wall. You can now pin these status updates to the top by clicking the pencil icon again. This time you select the “Pin from Top” option rather than “hide post”.

5.       Use the Highlight option to really give  extra exposure to your important posts

The highlight option gives ample room for your status update to be displayed in a much more notable way.  It kind of extends the post across the page to give it that extra importance

6.       Order what we used to call “Page tabs” carefully

The page tabs that used to show on the left hand side of the page, now display as thumbnail images right under the cover photo area. And only the top 4 are displayed. The rest are displayed then the user clicks the view more arrow.  That why you should strategically choose what gets displayed as the top 4 tabs.

Just FYI….Consumers can also view that tabs another way that is only available if they’ve scrolled somewhere to the middle or the bottom of the page. This is when consumers can select which “tab” they want to go to by selecting it from the drop down list.

7.      Ability to create wider content for your custom tabs

As you probably know, facebook tabs are restricted to a width of 520px. But with the new timeline you can go as wide as 810px. That means that your custom tab images can be wider. This will be a godsend for those people who felt that the smaller width was taking away from their image’s impact. An important note for those of you who use iFrame applications to display your custom content- The application you use, must have upgraded its functionality for the content to be displayed with the new width.  If that has not happened, the content will still be displayed with a 520 px width.

This was the stuff that I think is most important from a front end consumer facing point of view. There have also been updates and amendments to the admin panel and I found them to be quite intuitive.  But lets leave that discussion to another time and place 🙂

For now, think about how you will use the above information to come up with a stellar FB presence.



  1. Something which you also need to take note are on Policies on the Facebook Cover by Facebook  
    See below

  2. Something which you also need to take note are on Policies on the Facebook Cover by Facebook  
    See below

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