Increasing Lean Muscle In Your Upper Body – 4 Super Sets To Perfection

August 10th 2012
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Bonjour,Today we talk about how we can increase our upper body strength with 4 effective super sets. Ladies, don’t think this article is only for the men. Increasing lean muscle doesn’t mean that you will bulk up like the hulk. We don’t have enough testosterone for that to happen. Infact, increasing lean muscle leads to burning more calories, which means less fat and more muscle tone. Besides, most of us dont even have enough muscle to begin with. With this workout, we’ll have you develop muscle for that strength and tone in no time.



Your weight selection should only allow you to do 10-12 reps for each exercise
You will do each super set 3 times , with a 60-90 second rest in between
There will be no rest between the exercises of each super set.

Super Set 1
Incline chest press with dumbbells or barbell
– Wide grip pull up. Ladies if this is tough for you then try it on an assisted pull up machine as shown here

Super Set 2
– Bench press
Wide grip row. You can even do this on a cable row machine with a wide grip bar as is shown here 

Super Set 3

Super Set 4

Do this super set work out at least twice a week for a month to see noticable improvements. They will also land you come great compliments for sure.


Beginner Workout Circuit For Anywhere You Are

May 20th 2012
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At Home, in a hotel or at the gym; below is a no nonsense quick workout that you can do anywhere to get closer to your goals of looking and feeling great.

-Shadow boxing 3 mins. Move around like Rocky and throw a few punches to get you warmed up.
-10 squats
-10 pushups (you can do them on the knees as well)
-15 sit ups
-Rowing machine, cycling, Light running or stationary running 5 mins
And thats your beginner circuit. It shouldn’t take you more than 15 mins to complete.

CHALLENGE: To become a real Super Star, do this circuit one more time and feel really good about challenging yourself.

You can combine this circuit with your current beginner exercise plan or do it on its own 3 times a week. After a few weeks you will be stronger and ready to move on to the next stage.


A Super Cardio Endurance Drill

May 6th 2012
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Greater cardio endurance = healthier heart = less risk of heart disease. Not only that, your heart starts working less harder for the same activities. That means you can take it up a level and move towards a much stronger you!

The FJ Endurance Challenge is aimed in doing just that. This is the kind of stuff footballers, aka soccer players do. Its highly effective and its something that has helped me get my resting heart rate down to 54 beats per minute.

What you need to do is run 10 forty yard dashes (approximately 60 walking steps) at your top speed, with a maximum rest of 15 seconds between each dash.

The Beginner challenge: The best and worst times from your 10 sprints should not be more than 1 second apart.
The Intermediate challenge: The best and worst time from your 10 sprints should not be more than 0.5 seconds apart.
The Advanced challenge: The best and worst time from your 10 sprints should not be more than 0.3 seconds apart.

And guys, whats more important here is to not take more than the allotted 15 second rest. Its ok if in the beginning you cant keep the difference under 1 second. If you keep on doing this, you will improve your endurance enough to get it under that time.

So be strong and get even stronger!


The Number 1 Absolute Bogus Reason For Not Working out

March 14th 2012
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Any new gathering I go to, the topic of fitness is bound to come up. Usually its people asking for some tips about what they should do, to start off or take them to the next level. And thats a great sign because it shows those people are looking towards making a lifestyle change.

But this week has just been weird. I’ve never met so many people in one week, who gave me the one reason that I feel is absolute bogus! Wanna know what it is?


I just dont have time to workout

It was like the universe was trying to connect me with these people so that I can help them out and explain why this reason is bogus.

Here are the main arugments or comments I got, in no particular order:

– I get done from work really late

– I cant leave my kids alone

– My job is really demanding

– Any free time I get, I spend with my girlfriend/wife/kids

– Im working on this one project. As soon as I’m done, I’m gonna hit the gym

Would any of you reply to me in a similar way? I’ll tell you what I told these people I met:


Come on guys! You know better than that.

Think about it. Why do you work really late? To make money. Why? So that you can enjoy life. Would you be able to enjoy life with all this money if you dont have the health or time to spend it? NO!

If you work really late, then try getting in your 20-30 min workout early in the day. Thats a great start; especially if you’re gonna be sitting behind a desk till late. Trust me you wont lose your job if you go in 30 mins later than you do in the morning. After all, you work their till late dont you. Or just wake up 30 mins earlier to get your workout time.

If you can’t leave your kids alone, who says you have to hit the gym. Workout at home. There are so many home workouts out there. The shockwave circuit and some other workouts I’ve posted are great examples of that.

If your job is really demanding, what about your health and fitness? Can you totally neglect them. What if you get type 2 diabetes or heart trouble? What would be more demanding then. As a matter of fact, would you even be able to be at a demanding job any more?

Same thing applies to spending time with your loved ones. Just because you need to spend time with them doesn’t mean you can ignore your health. You are actually doing them a favor by staying healthy and making sure you are there for them for a longer period of time.

And mark my words, after that big project you are working on, there’ll be a bigger one, and then another and another and another. You see where I’m going with this right. They will never end. One of the biggest projects of your life (other than being a good person and giving to the world) should be to stay healthy. If you think of that as a project and show it half the amount of committment you show your work projects, you will make a difference.

So what I’m trying to say boys and girls, is this:


Not having the time to workout isnt a valid reason for not working out.You should consider it as important as eating or going to work or spending time with your loved ones. And always remember, if you dont have your health, you will not be able to do any of the above. Thats just the way it goes. 

Take this advice very seriously and commit to making a change now. You will thank yourself fot it.

Stay fit



Staying Fit

October 20th 2011
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Im no Usain Bolt but I can tell you this – fitness needs to be part of our everyday life. If its not I can guarantee you that you are missing out on a whole bunch of great feelings, that take the stress out of your hard core workaholic lifestyle. Not to mention the fact that you look good too 🙂

Watch out for a whole lot of fitness tips and goodies on this space. Till then check out Its a site I created so that people can share interesting fitness stories with one another. Im  sure you are going to find a lot of good stuff to learn from so do check it out.

Here’s a Fit Junction promo that you will like. Im really proud of it because I made it using nothing but the material available on the web. And I think it turned out brilliantly. Let me know what you think

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