How to make a successful mobile app


Whether you are an entrepreneur thinking about a new idea to introduce to the digital world or a business thinking about maximizing the digital medium to your benefit;  know this if you already don’t – Mobility is going to be at the helm of the digital frontier. There’s no denying that.

So if you’re not thinking of going mobile right now, you better get your thinking hat on. There are so many ways mobility can benefit you or your business. You just have to come up with the right idea to effectively introduce your service via the mobile medium.

Now I can’t tell you what idea works and what doesn’t . The ‘mobile app’ world has taught us that even the kookiest ideas can be the most successful ones.  What I can share with you however, are the themes I have observed in highly successful apps so that you can apply them to your app ideas.

Here are the top 3 themes Ive seen in the highly successful apps Ive come across.


Dainvci, Jobs and a few other gurus always said “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” That is so true. Smart phones are used by so many different consumers whose exposure to tech ranges from 0 to 100. Whenever you design something, you’ve got to ensure that even the most novice user gets the hang of it without any headache. Don’t accidentally end up intimidating your user base by giving complex menus, long instructions or hidden features. Thats a recipe for disaster. Rather keep it simple. Simple apps that dont need any complex ‘how to use instructions’ are the ones that work the best. Such apps are most easily adopted and also have a much faster assimilation into the consumer base.


Whatever you provide, it’s got to increase the convenience factor of carrying out the desired action.  If I can do the same thing in a much more convenient fashion by using other means, then I will.  That’s just how things are. It’s a fast paced environment where people want to do things immediately and hassle free. And that’s what your mobile solution should be about


When your consumers starts using your app, will they know where to find what they’re looking for?

This is a huge factor. The data and information in your app should be optimally organized to suit the industry/category you are targeting. There’s nothing more I hate than an app that’s got data spread all over the place, forcing me to browse through 7 different lists before I eventually give up and delete it from my phone. And trust me, I’m not the only who feels this way. That’s why organized info is so important.

The best way to get an idea of how to organize your data is to download and look at the top rated apps for the selected category. See how the most successful people out there do it. Then replicate and try to improve on that model.  While this theme was observed mostly in information sharing apps, awesome organization can make all the difference between a good app and a bad app.

So there you have it. Think about these themes when you design and build your own apps. Remember, these are general guidelines that you can apply to any idea. They are not meant to tell you what to make; rather they are meant to tell you what factors to consider when making whatever it is you want to put out there.

Good Luck!

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