One of the easiest ways to engage people who like your brand


Friends, fans, followers…lend me your ears!

Getting people to follow you is one thing. Getting them to engage with your brand is a totally different story. That’s why many brands can get online followings easily. But when they really dive deep into their engagement statistics they realize they don’t even have a  5% engagement rate!

It’s because consumers, including me are fickle. They are loyal to you until you provide them value. Many times this value is provided in the form of promotions and prizes; which is great as long as you run the promotion. But as soon as your promotion is done, so is the conversation with your followers. Result – your engagement rates plummet.

So how do you ensure that you keep the conversation going?

What I’m about to say will sound extremely simple and it really is. But I find it being constantly overlooked – Connect with your consumers on topics because of which they followed you in the first place. Other than seasonal promotions, consumers want to follow you because you provide them with specific  information. And when you provide it they feel enlightened. When you don’t provide it or provide it in a blatant sales or marketing oriented manner, they lose interest quickly.  This is easily proven. Think about all the times when you’ve put up a simple 10% discount promotion for example. Now think about  when you shared news/pictures/videos of new products of your brand or industry.  Which one has garnered a more long lasting engagement rate for you? In most cases, it should be the latter. That’s because it’s a topic of interest for your consumers. While the promotion can draw “fans to the stands” it suffers in a way because it is for a limited time. When it’s over no one cares about it. That isn’t the case with quality info about your product and industry . When you post such information you get multiple avenues to catch the consumers’ attention and get them talking. For those who never knew about the topic indicate interest by liking/sharing your conversation while those who are familiar with the topic in question jump in to provide their feedback. And this can continue to happen at any time because such information hardly expires.

There are many other strategies to engage your consumers that complement the above. But what Ive mentioned is a low hanging fruit. Extremely easy to implement and practice because it requires you to talk about something you should (as a company) know lots about.

So get out there and try it out. Im sure you won’t be disappointed


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