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How not to use a hashtag – Newsweek #muslimrage strategy backfires

September 18th 2012
Written by:Nadir Shah    Comments: 0

Religion is a topic I consider very personal. If I have questions or need feedback I don’t usually broadcast them on my social channels; especially if I feel they can offend anyone I know.
That’s something that Newsweek didn’t seem to consider for their twitter strategy. The cover story for Newsweek this time was all about the commotion caused by that anti-islamic video that was released a little while back .
Newsweek created a hashtag #muslimrage and asked people to discuss their latest cover story.
Well don’t know what Newsweek were thinking, but they didn’t generate the buzz they were hoping to get. Very quickly the hashtag was being used mockingly and jokingly rather than sparking any intellectual debate.

#muslimrage from newsweek being made fun off

Ive read some of the tweets and man are they funny! Heres a couple of links that you can go to read a more indepth coverage.

Lesson of the day in using hashtags – When you have such a large population of the world that believes in something ….anything…you have to pay serious consideration to how offensive your messaging may sound to them. While some backlash may always be there, you don’t have to go out looking for it and inviting it.

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