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How well do you know your Facebook fans: 3 ways to get consumer information

November 22nd 2011
Written by:Nadir Shah    Comments: 0

Ok great! Thousands of people follow you on Facebook. You’ve got great interaction stats and the channel is being used effectively to answer questions or disseminate information to the people out there.

But ask yourself these important questions – Who are these people? What exactly do you know about them? Do you have their contact information or their likes/dislikes when it comes to your services? And most importantly, when the time comes will you be able to contact each one of them individually?

These are the questions you should be asking yourself if you are assessing how effectively you are using Facebook to your advantage.  You may think that the questions above don’t relate to how you are using Facebook. Although there are some chances this could be true, I haven’t come across a business in the world who wouldn’t want to hold more relevant information about their consumers.

That’s why I wanted to share my thoughts with those of you looking to increase the information you know about your Facebook fans.  Here are 3 strategies you should definitely consider while setting up your Facebook page. If your page is already set up then you should use these tips to build in features that will get you the information you want.

Implement a contact information form

This is one the easiest things to do. Set up a form similar to that of a ‘contact us’ form on the website.  You don’t have to call it a ‘contact us’ form. You can call it whatever serves as a better call to action message. For example “Register for news about exclusive updates and competitions” may be a good title for the form in order to catch the fans’ attention.

While you should no doubt be getting contact information of the person, you should also build in some preferences to maintain along with it. Giving the person a list of interests/activities (as they relate to your product/service) is a good idea, as it gives you the ability to segment your data by interest.


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