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Why I jumped on the Facebook advertising bandwagon

January 11th 2014
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With over a billion people liking millions of pages on Facebook, it was only a matter of time before the Facebook newsfeed would start getting overwhelmed. Surely with the amount of content we “like” now, it’s not possible to show snippets from all of those sources in our newsfeed.  Facebook also acknowledges this and as a matter of fact, is continuously going to work on making newsfeed content more relevant. So what does that mean for the online marketer? Well, it means you’ve gotta come up with some great contextual content, content that will be shared organically, to stay on your fans’ newsfeed. While this is possible, it’s not going to be easy to do. Quoting Facebook from their paper titled Generating Business Results on Facebook:

“People are connecting to more Pages and individuals every day. And each day, more brands and organizations are posting on Facebook. As a result, we expect organic distribution of an individual Page’s posts to gradually decline over time as we continually work to make sure people have a meaningful experience on the site. Your post has a better chance of appearing organically to your fans and their friends if it’s relevant to them and if their friends interact with it …”


One of the easiest ways to engage people who like your brand

April 13th 2013
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Friends, fans, followers…lend me your ears!

Getting people to follow you is one thing. Getting them to engage with your brand is a totally different story. That’s why many brands can get online followings easily. But when they really dive deep into their engagement statistics they realize they don’t even have a  5% engagement rate!

It’s because consumers, including me are fickle. They are loyal to you until you provide them value. Many times this value is provided in the form of promotions and prizes; which is great as long as you run the promotion. But as soon as your promotion is done, so is the conversation with your followers. Result – your engagement rates plummet.

So how do you ensure that you keep the conversation going?

What I’m about to say will sound extremely simple and it really is. But I find it being constantly overlooked – Connect with your consumers on topics because of which they followed you in the first place. Other than seasonal promotions, consumers want to follow you because you provide them with specific  information. And when you provide it they feel enlightened. When you don’t provide it or provide it in a blatant sales or marketing oriented manner, they lose interest quickly.  This is easily proven. Think about all the times when you’ve put up a simple 10% discount promotion for example. Now think about  when you shared news/pictures/videos of new products of your brand or industry.  Which one has garnered a more long lasting engagement rate for you? In most cases, it should be the latter. That’s because it’s a topic of interest for your consumers. While the promotion can draw “fans to the stands” it suffers in a way because it is for a limited time. When it’s over no one cares about it. That isn’t the case with quality info about your product and industry . When you post such information you get multiple avenues to catch the consumers’ attention and get them talking. For those who never knew about the topic indicate interest by liking/sharing your conversation while those who are familiar with the topic in question jump in to provide their feedback. And this can continue to happen at any time because such information hardly expires.

There are many other strategies to engage your consumers that complement the above. But what Ive mentioned is a low hanging fruit. Extremely easy to implement and practice because it requires you to talk about something you should (as a company) know lots about.

So get out there and try it out. Im sure you won’t be disappointed



Facebook Timeline ready for brands

February 29th 2012
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Alright people. In case you haven’t noticed (if you are page admins), Facebook has just introduced the timeline for business pages; and in my view it looks awesome! Facebook plans to roll out timeline for all pages by 30th of March 2012. Which leaves you with at most, a month for you roll it out in the best possible way.

Some of the brands like Coca Cola, American Express and Facebook itself are already sporting the new look. But its not just a new “do”. The concept of the timeline on a facebook page encourages more social activity as well. And in order to maximize the benefit from it, below are some things you need to consider right away.

facebook timeline for pages

1.       Start designing the ultimate cover photo

This is your chance to showcase your brand like never before. You aren’t restricted to the side image any more. You can be really creative and build a work of art that really speaks to your audience. So tell your graphic designers to get cracking.

2.       Build your timeline

Take a look at what Coca Cola and American Express have done. They have defined their timeline all the way back to the late 1800s.  That’s really sharing the history and the evolution of the brand. You can tell your brands story too. Just go to the place where you add the status update, and click on Milestone to add your milestone in the correct year. You can add a message along with a photo to create that great piece of engaging content. This should be done for every significant milestone that you feel defines your brand

3.       Hide the unwanted updates

Lets face it – there must have been some moments that you would rather forget on your page. If that is the case then move through your timeline and hide the status updates that you wouldn’t want people remembering and then reposting.  To hide a post, simply click the pencil icon on the top right of the status and click hide.

4.       Pin the updates you want people to remember

As was the case with the bad updates, im sure there were ones you’d want others to remember as well. Or you simply want some extra exposure given to a status that may have otherwise gone down the wall. You can now pin these status updates to the top by clicking the pencil icon again. This time you select the “Pin from Top” option rather than “hide post”.



Facebook Groups – A collaboration tool for businesses?

February 6th 2012
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I have to admit, I never really thought of facebook groups in the professional coordination sense. I thought they were really only effective when it came to speaking to preferred clients, invite only clients or my very close circle of friends and family. But as I was reading this post on mashable on tools for better agency and client coordination, I realized that groups can be used as quite an effective communication and coordination tool, professionally between companies and departments. And that too for totally free!

Think about it. With facebook groups:

–          You get the ability to set up your group visibility (Open, Closed or Secret)

–          You get notifications whenever anyone  posts an update, message or a question

–          You can share images and videos, which is absolutely perfect for sharing designs and media file

–          You can copy and paste text documents and create your own facebook documents

–          You can ask polling questions to get a vote on certain decisions that you’d want to take collectively as a group


Top 7 tips to promote your New Year’s Eve Events

December 26th 2011
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Ok people. New Year’s Eve is right around the corner and if you are doing a New Year’s Eve event, then there are some things that you need to be doing right now to make sure you “get the fans in the stands.” Here are my top 7 tips you need to consider to effectively promote your NYE event.

1)      Start promoting right away if you haven’t already. NYE is 4 days away. This is the time to start building hype on your forums. Start giving people tidbits of what they can expect. Share with them on a regular basis the preparations you are undertaking for the most amazing event of the year. And if you want to create a lasting impact, then give them a visual.  For example, start sharing photos of the preparation of the event. Stage shot, the event venue, the lighting setup… all are great things to start creating buzz because these are the things people share with others. Another cool idea would be to record candid interviews of the people involved and post them on your pages. Let them explain their vision and explain why this event will be the event of the year.

2)      Use hashtags that matter. I know everyone wants to start a trending topic by creating their own hash tags on twitter. These are great to garner attention. But if you don’t have enough followers or don’t extend your reach to the fullest, chances are these tags won’t ever get popular. A  great strategy, so close to the last minute is to piggy-back off already existing hashtags that are already trending. This way you exponentially increase your reach by minimal effort. You don’t have to think hard about which hashtags to use. Just think about the generic ones that are popular and can also be used in context to what you want to tweet about. Since NYE is quite a general topic, you can use #dubai  or #abudhabi to promote your NYE event. This is of course if you’re in my region. Otherwise use the city name that you are in. As a matter of fact you can even use a combination of #dubai and #nye in your tweets. NYE is a trending topic across the globe so you are bound to garner more attention like this rather than creating your own hashtag so close to the day of. Check out a list of trending hashtags in your region and see how you can incorporate them in your tweets to promote your event.

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