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Day 1 highlights at Gitex UAE – how its all going mobile

October 14th 2012
Written by:Nadir Shah    Comments: 0

gitex 2012

Gitex 2012 kicked off with a bang today. With big names, innovative concepts and impressive stalls, day 1 wasnt all that bad. It was like a technical carnival where you had everyone coming together and showing off their service/product. From BI solutions to the latest noise canceling headphones, I saw a good mix of tech.

The one thing that really stood out was how mobile is a key unsaid theme for this year. About 70% of the people I met out there today talked about integration with mobile while explaining their product/service. Thats quite a big jump from last year where mobile wasnt built in as an inherent capability of their offering.

The other big things were ofcourse apps and social.  From TV companies like Samsung and LG to the guys behing Windows 8 …. All had to get a peace of the app action along with showcasing what they’re main goods.

Highlights for me when it came to day 1 however included the new Samsung 75 inch OLED TV, with kinect like features. I just loved the sleekness, the concept and how they managed to showcase the app integration as part of a television experience.

Watch the 7 second video clip: Samsung OLED TV at GITEX 2012

The other cool thing I saw today was the FORD stand. Those guys are automobile makers but do like their share of innovative feature building. Today they used Augmented Reality to  really showcase some of the features of their car. While the use of AR was not something truly novel and new, I did appreciate them coming up with the concept. Its more than what Ive seen anyone else do so far.

All in all quite an interesting day for technology in Dubai. Tomorrow will  bring interesting insight as well. I still havent seen indepth what Microsoft and Oracle have been planning. Plus a lot of BI tools being showcased. Good stuff happening all around

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