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Your New Year’s Resolution – Getting a Mobile Website

January 7th 2013
Written by:Nadir Shah    Comments: 0

Welcome 2013! Apart from the numerous resolutions that you must have made, I hope you’ve decided to optimize your digital presence for mobile platforms.  The nature of consuming information has changed drastically and it continues to change some more. So if you haven’t thought of going mobile yet, you better right away because by 2015 or so, you’ll have more people accessing your information via a mobile device than a desktop

mobile website benefits

But lets clarify what I mean by going mobile. I don’t really mean that you need to set up apps on the iOS, Android and Blackberry platforms. Sure they are nice to set up if you have the resources and can sustain their management (in which case you really should) but what’s more essential is to set up your mobile website. There are 2 main reasons why I say this:

– Mobile websites are cross platform. With one well crafted site, you instantly make yourself available on multiple devices. Ofcourse you have to come up with a design that looks good on all devices but that’s a problem that is easily solved.
– Mobile sites are faster and easier to set up. Essentially a mobile site is just another skin for your normal site so that when people view you on a mobile device you look great. And re-skinning is much easier and faster than coming up with specific design elements that are required for iPhone/android platforms.

So don’t waste time. Until you have something prepared for the iOS/Android platforms get your mobile site up and running; since this is one of those things that you can count as a low hanging fruit. Its quite easy to do and the benefits are enormous.

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