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Supporting Online Through Offline Initiatives

August 4th 2012
Written by:Nadir Shah    Comments: 0

One of the things I’ve noticed in the UAE is that our online initiatives, be they for whatever online media platform (facebook, twitter, website etc) seldom tap into how off-line promotion means that can help.  Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying no one does this. But considering the large number of businesses who can do this, there are a very few doing this right… in this region.

There is quite a big chunk these businesses miss out on because off-line initiatives can boost both long and short term online goals. While the above is quite important to consider for businesses that run totally online, its equally important for other established businesses who use on-line as a communication and promotions mechanism.

So here are 3 strategies I think businesses should tap into, to leverage off-line for their online goals

Tap into other media broadcasting platforms

In the UAE radio broadcasting is extremely strong. It’s a means that reaches thousands of people. Sure its above-the-line (ATL) nature may make it seem like its an inappropriate fit due it being impersonal when social is all about making that personal connections.  But it’s really strong for brand and offer promotions. We already see numerous companies advertising their events & promos through this channel. But what I don’t see is how their online presence is tied into this. And no I don’t consider the phrase “Like us on facebook at” as an effective tie-in into the online presence promotion 🙂

What I do consider as effective though are things like:

–          “Get the promotion details on our website/FB page and enter through there”

–          “View the new campaign video on facebok”

–          “tweet with the hashtag #heyXYZ to tell us you want to be part of the competition”

–          “results and winner info will be posted on  our website”

So the general gist as you can see from the above is to incorporate online as a required activity as part of your campaign. The challenge is doing it in such a way that it doesn’t seem daunting. The radio stations here do a great job when it comes to running their own promotion campaigns and are a good example you can look into to get some ideas.


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