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How the retail industry can use Augmented Reality

November 17th 2011
Written by:Nadir Shah    Comments: 3

In its simplest explanation, Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that you can use to map virtual elements on to the physical world. The process starts by the Augmented Reality application recognizing the object through a camera or specified GPS coordinates. This object can be your face, a piece of paper, or a specific location (in terms of GPS coordinates). Once the application recognizes the object, it figures out what needs to be displayed and then displays it on your output device, however you want it.

What that means for you – the retailer is that when you view the world on a TV screen, a monitor or your phones camera, you can view virtual objects and markers that aren’t really there. Kind of like the Terminator movies in which Arnold was able to identify pretty much everything that came in front of him. You can go back in time by checking out this link 

So how can this technology be used to your advantage?  Let me paint you a picture by telling you about Jane – a potential customer whose walking by your shop.


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