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Brazil’s Carnival going social with Google in a big way

February 14th 2012
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13th Feb 2012. Google announced on its blog that it going to be providing in-depth coverage of the Carnival festivities happening in Salvador, one of Brazil’s oldest cities.

Google will provide this coverage between 16th to the 21st of Feb, which is when the festivities are meant to be on their peak.

For those of you who are not aware of Brazil’s Carnival, its one of the most popular festivals in the world with thousands of people converging to the country to partake in the celebrations.  Its so busy that flights and hotels are sold out months in advance. I should know as I’ve been trying to visit Brazil during that season.

So for those of us who won’t be able to make it, Google’s coverage through YouTube, Google+ and Orkut will be an alternative to really see what goes on there.

Through the Carinval YouTube channel which you can access here,

“…you’ll have access to everything from a live transmission of the streetfest to videos of bands who have traveled to Salvador to host the party. You’ll even be able to chat with other YouTube users who are watching the party with you from around the world through a map we’ve integrated just for the occasion.”

People will also be able to chat with bands and watch live celebrity interviews through Google+ and Orkut

This is what can be called a great example of using the power of social media for a promotional campaign. It’s extremely effective because it will generate visual interest amongst the target audience and its cost as compared to its scope is minimal.

While they aren’t there, people can really get a flavor of the Carnival from watching whats happening on the streets. This tactic is bound to generate an elevated level of engagement and will increase the interaction level online.  Last but not the least there are bound to be reviews and suggestions by the consumers that can help the organizers improve the ambiance for the future Carnivals to come.

I really do think that this is a neat idea and would recommend this to anyone in the travel, hospitality or leisure industry.


Top 7 tips to promote your New Year’s Eve Events

December 26th 2011
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Ok people. New Year’s Eve is right around the corner and if you are doing a New Year’s Eve event, then there are some things that you need to be doing right now to make sure you “get the fans in the stands.” Here are my top 7 tips you need to consider to effectively promote your NYE event.

1)      Start promoting right away if you haven’t already. NYE is 4 days away. This is the time to start building hype on your forums. Start giving people tidbits of what they can expect. Share with them on a regular basis the preparations you are undertaking for the most amazing event of the year. And if you want to create a lasting impact, then give them a visual.  For example, start sharing photos of the preparation of the event. Stage shot, the event venue, the lighting setup… all are great things to start creating buzz because these are the things people share with others. Another cool idea would be to record candid interviews of the people involved and post them on your pages. Let them explain their vision and explain why this event will be the event of the year.

2)      Use hashtags that matter. I know everyone wants to start a trending topic by creating their own hash tags on twitter. These are great to garner attention. But if you don’t have enough followers or don’t extend your reach to the fullest, chances are these tags won’t ever get popular. A  great strategy, so close to the last minute is to piggy-back off already existing hashtags that are already trending. This way you exponentially increase your reach by minimal effort. You don’t have to think hard about which hashtags to use. Just think about the generic ones that are popular and can also be used in context to what you want to tweet about. Since NYE is quite a general topic, you can use #dubai  or #abudhabi to promote your NYE event. This is of course if you’re in my region. Otherwise use the city name that you are in. As a matter of fact you can even use a combination of #dubai and #nye in your tweets. NYE is a trending topic across the globe so you are bound to garner more attention like this rather than creating your own hashtag so close to the day of. Check out a list of trending hashtags in your region and see how you can incorporate them in your tweets to promote your event.


How hotels can set up a ‘5 Star’ presence on Facebook

November 26th 2011
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There’s no doubt in my mind that the hospitality industry, particularly the hotels,  are one of the industry groups that benefit the most from social media platforms like Facebook. That’s because FB allows for them to set up support mechanisms while also giving them an opportunity to establish marketing and sales (direct and indirect) channels.

Hotels and other hospitality entities should use this fact to their advantage and bolster their Facebook presence to promote their assets accordingly. I say this because more often than not, I see the hotels in Dubai having a very generic presence on such a powerful platform. By generic I mean an approach that focuses on general updates, major events and targeted hotel competitions that run for a limited period.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that this is a bad way to handle your FB presence. There are hotel pages out there that I think have achieved a lot due to the fact that they always have something going on. This increases interaction on their pages which gets them high interaction stats and a fair share of following.

But what I am saying is this – Given what is possible to do with Facebook, I haven’t seen the hotel industry going that extra step in promoting their assets; especially in such a way that is regular and consistent rather than being seasonal like all the events and competitions.

One great way to promote your assets

Give each main asset its own tab and then try to provide a service through that tab that is an everyday activity for leisure-goers. Imagine for example, that you have a dedicated tab for each of your main restaurants. Think of the things you could do through that tab:

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