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Western Union- social media is there to help not to just say “We heard ya!”

July 18th 2013
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So recently the folks over at Western Union gave away a fund transfer I made to my laywer, to some guy who either produced a falsified ID or no ID at all. On reporting to WU, I was told to wait 3 weeks for them to get to the bottom of this. I even got a call from one of their reps saying they are on it which led me to believe these guys will come through. Over 6 weeks later I get a call from their rep saying they cant do anything and the best I can do is file a report with the authorities – and that is all!!!

Needless to say I was ticked off on losing such an amount and took my frustration over to twitter. And all I heard from them were sweet nothings: “We’re sorry for your trouble”,”We understand your frustration”,”Please DM us your info so that we can contact you”. But no good came of it. It was clear they wanted to take the conversation off-line and just shut me up without really helping me out.

But then I thought, maybe im overreacting; maybe WU doesnt do this regularly. So I thought I’d check out what other people’s experiences were like. And lo and behold, I wasn’t the only one. In the past month alone I saw over 25 cases of unsatisfied people posting their concern on twitter. Thats almost 1 unsatisfied person a day!




One of the easiest ways to engage people who like your brand

April 13th 2013
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Friends, fans, followers…lend me your ears!

Getting people to follow you is one thing. Getting them to engage with your brand is a totally different story. That’s why many brands can get online followings easily. But when they really dive deep into their engagement statistics they realize they don’t even have a  5% engagement rate!

It’s because consumers, including me are fickle. They are loyal to you until you provide them value. Many times this value is provided in the form of promotions and prizes; which is great as long as you run the promotion. But as soon as your promotion is done, so is the conversation with your followers. Result – your engagement rates plummet.

So how do you ensure that you keep the conversation going?

What I’m about to say will sound extremely simple and it really is. But I find it being constantly overlooked – Connect with your consumers on topics because of which they followed you in the first place. Other than seasonal promotions, consumers want to follow you because you provide them with specific  information. And when you provide it they feel enlightened. When you don’t provide it or provide it in a blatant sales or marketing oriented manner, they lose interest quickly.  This is easily proven. Think about all the times when you’ve put up a simple 10% discount promotion for example. Now think about  when you shared news/pictures/videos of new products of your brand or industry.  Which one has garnered a more long lasting engagement rate for you? In most cases, it should be the latter. That’s because it’s a topic of interest for your consumers. While the promotion can draw “fans to the stands” it suffers in a way because it is for a limited time. When it’s over no one cares about it. That isn’t the case with quality info about your product and industry . When you post such information you get multiple avenues to catch the consumers’ attention and get them talking. For those who never knew about the topic indicate interest by liking/sharing your conversation while those who are familiar with the topic in question jump in to provide their feedback. And this can continue to happen at any time because such information hardly expires.

There are many other strategies to engage your consumers that complement the above. But what Ive mentioned is a low hanging fruit. Extremely easy to implement and practice because it requires you to talk about something you should (as a company) know lots about.

So get out there and try it out. Im sure you won’t be disappointed



How not to use a hashtag – Newsweek #muslimrage strategy backfires

September 18th 2012
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Religion is a topic I consider very personal. If I have questions or need feedback I don’t usually broadcast them on my social channels; especially if I feel they can offend anyone I know.
That’s something that Newsweek didn’t seem to consider for their twitter strategy. The cover story for Newsweek this time was all about the commotion caused by that anti-islamic video that was released a little while back .
Newsweek created a hashtag #muslimrage and asked people to discuss their latest cover story.
Well don’t know what Newsweek were thinking, but they didn’t generate the buzz they were hoping to get. Very quickly the hashtag was being used mockingly and jokingly rather than sparking any intellectual debate.

#muslimrage from newsweek being made fun off

Ive read some of the tweets and man are they funny! Heres a couple of links that you can go to read a more indepth coverage.

Lesson of the day in using hashtags – When you have such a large population of the world that believes in something ….anything…you have to pay serious consideration to how offensive your messaging may sound to them. While some backlash may always be there, you don’t have to go out looking for it and inviting it.


A delightful social media getaway with BPG: 3 key social media points reinforced

September 13th 2012
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3 social media strategies

So get this… Bates Pan Gulf (BPG), one of the largest marketing solutions groups in the MENA region, invited the Emaar crew to attend their company off-site. The off-site was centered all around social media. And since Emaar embraces social media as an extremely important mechanism for engaging their consumers, we were pretty psyched to see what was in store for us.

Other than the terrific hospitable attitude of everyone in the BPG team (Thank you Mr. Avi Bhojani and Arif Ladhbhoy :)) there was also some interesting conversation around key social media strategies and trends. Speakers had been invited from different regions to share their views on social and talk about what they had been doing.

They key thing that I was glad to see reinforced there was that attitudes towards social are changing in this region. No longer is it all about the traditional approach to social which is…”I WANT MORE FANS!!”

Fans are definitely a good thing. But its not the only thing. And with bigger players now entering the market here, I wanted to lay down three key points that must be considered while making a social media strategy.

Build your strategy around engagement not Likes

Comscore and Facebook have reported the power of a like multiple times in the last couple of years.  But they don’t mean get as many likes as you can. Trust me that’s guaranteed. They stress the importance of the value of a like you receive, because through it  you are able to connect to your customer. You are able to understand what they want, account for their needs and improve your offering. In turn you get happy people buying more of what you have to offer, amplifying your brand message and really help you gain more exposure virally.

In any successful social media strategy the buy-in of the people and therefore engagement is necessary. So always ask yourself this when you make a strategy – will people interact and talk about the product in a positive light. Will it be insightful and will others learn from it, rally behind it and amplify it. If not, then chances are you aren’t on the right track.


Oracle realizing the importance of social media insights

June 5th 2012
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A little while back it was Sales Force purchasing Radian6; and now its Oracle purchasing the social media monitoring company Collective Intellect. According to Oracle its inquisition will:

…enable marketing organizations to create more targeted marketing campaigns; help customer service teams respond quickly to customer feedback on social media; generate targeted leads and opportunities for sales teams; and strengthen how companies build more effective brands using the Internet and social media

Its quite interesting to see how enterprise level platforms are quite strongly making their way into this domain. This is yet another reinforcement that social media is going to play an important role in business and influencing consumers.

But what will be more interesting is to see whether organizations using such platforms will properly leverage this additional offering; because in my view, organizations (especially in this part of the world) dont REALLY capitalize on the power of consumer data they’ve collected. This is partly because the traditional users of such systems arent that into social media to understand its power. They dont really get how social media relationships can influence the  mindset of people and have a huge impact on the choices they make.

This needs to change and it will. Hence the reason why I think it will be interesting to see how organizations will try to build relationships.

Good for Oracle and great for Collective Intellect 🙂

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