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Increasing Lean Muscle In Your Upper Body – 4 Super Sets To Perfection

August 10th 2012
Written by:Nadir Shah    Comments: 0
Bonjour,Today we talk about how we can increase our upper body strength with 4 effective super sets. Ladies, don’t think this article is only for the men. Increasing lean muscle doesn’t mean that you will bulk up like the hulk. We don’t have enough testosterone for that to happen. Infact, increasing lean muscle leads to burning more calories, which means less fat and more muscle tone. Besides, most of us dont even have enough muscle to begin with. With this workout, we’ll have you develop muscle for that strength and tone in no time.



Your weight selection should only allow you to do 10-12 reps for each exercise
You will do each super set 3 times , with a 60-90 second rest in between
There will be no rest between the exercises of each super set.

Super Set 1
Incline chest press with dumbbells or barbell
– Wide grip pull up. Ladies if this is tough for you then try it on an assisted pull up machine as shown here

Super Set 2
– Bench press
Wide grip row. You can even do this on a cable row machine with a wide grip bar as is shown here 

Super Set 3

Super Set 4

Do this super set work out at least twice a week for a month to see noticable improvements. They will also land you come great compliments for sure.

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