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The Perfect Digital Campaign – 7 tips on how to set it up

May 6th 2012
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Here’s the good news – The perfect digital campaign isn’t your Moby Dick and you don’t have to be its Captain Ahab. It’s something that’s totally achievable. The problem is that sometimes we get overwhelmed and intimidated by the scores of digital fronts we need to consider.   We lose focus and the result is usually screaming our campaign message on all the fronts out there, without a clear strategy on how all this screaming will achieve the goal.

For anyone managing a digital presence of a brand, let me start by saying this:

“An effective digital campaign or any new media campaign for that matter, should always be simple. But it does not simply consist of broadcasting the same message on all fronts with a little bit of facebook advertising rolled into it.”

Now that we know what a perfect digital campaign is not. Lets talk about the 7 Key things that I feel make up the dream digital campaign.

Target Market

Marketing 101 – your campaign has to be directed towards a specific someone. And its really important for you to know who that someone is. You can segment your target market based on a number of things that are important to you. It could be age, interests, line of work, location language etc. But you do need to define who your targets are. Because who they are defines which digital medium you should focus on the most. You may find that people in Australia use Hi5 or Friendster more than they use FB. Or the UAE crowd is more into tweeting or forums than blogging or sms campaigns. So a defined target will help you choose your target digital fronts. And this leads us nicely into point #2…

Synergize and Complement

All your assets should work in synergy and complement each other, with ONE asset starring as your anchor. Just doing this one thing, forms about 30% of a successful campaign. Each asset should dispense information ideal to its digital nature and direct consumers towards the asset that has been chosen to be the anchor. Which asset gets chosen as the anchor depends on your campaigns theme and what kind of messaging would be most effective.  This approach has 2 main benefits

–           Consumers will never get confused about which asset they should use to participate in the campaign. Campaign messages will almost never get misunderstood this way and they will be crystal clear to your audience.

–          You need not worry about intense campaign administration, where you have to post and repost campaign messages on every single digital front of yours.



ROI on your website – What you should be monitoring

March 21st 2012
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A little while ago, I had a very interesting chat with my CIO and GM about the effectiveness of a website as a digital asset in achieving a company’s overall objectives. Some of the very interesting things we discussed were bounce rates, dwell times and returning visitors.  And that discussion leads me to ask all of you something:

Does your target audience stay long enough on your website to be converted into a client/lead? Does it stay long enough to read through the information you have to offer? How about the frequency of visits of your audience? Do people  usually visit once or do they keep on coming back for more?

All these things are tracked by the different analytical tools, but many companies hardly focus on them. They feel that the increase in the total number of visits to their sites is proof enough that their formidable website spending has brought the desired results. That is the easiest thing for the so-called “web optimization” agencies to sell to clients who don’t know better.  That’s also the easiest way for employees to show to their managers that they did a job well done.

Companies must realize that this isn’t the whole truth. While the number of visitors to your site does increase your chances of getting more of your target audience on the site, it doesn’t mean that it proportionately increases the chances of the target audience staying on your site for as long as you want them to. It also doesn’t mean that they’ll come back.



6 Tips To Improve Your Web Presence

November 12th 2011
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The internet is another way to define yourself in front of your customers and potential clients. If used properly, you can turn it into your number one selling and brand building outlet. This post aims to share 6 helpful tips that will almost instantly make a difference in your web presence and get you the results you wish to achieve.

Know Your Purpose

Your website is a really powerful tool. But more often than not, you will see companies setting up sites with no specific goal in mind. You have to know what you want to get out of your web presence. Are you looking to generate leads, increase direct sales, build your brand or gain consumer insights? Your goal plays a heavy part in defining your online communication strategy. So know what you want your website to do for you; and then start designing it.

Don’t put everything on the landing page

Information overload is something that is never well received. Your site visitors need to be guided down a path and that becomes insanely hard to do, if you provide them with a large number of starting points. They’ll end up confused and overwhelmed. Remember, that when visitors come to your site, you don’t just expect them to go away after viewing your landing page. You expect them to go deeper and view a detailed description of your products and services. Hence you needn’t worry about giving the visitor a million choices. Visitors already know what they are looking for; and instead of providing numerous options which takes their focus away, provide them with information about your major products and services. This will keep their focus and get them to go deeper into your site to learn more about your offerings.


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