The Perfect Digital Campaign – 7 tips on how to set it up


Here’s the good news – The perfect digital campaign isn’t your Moby Dick and you don’t have to be its Captain Ahab. It’s something that’s totally achievable. The problem is that sometimes we get overwhelmed and intimidated by the scores of digital fronts we need to consider.   We lose focus and the result is usually screaming our campaign message on all the fronts out there, without a clear strategy on how all this screaming will achieve the goal.

For anyone managing a digital presence of a brand, let me start by saying this:

“An effective digital campaign or any new media campaign for that matter, should always be simple. But it does not simply consist of broadcasting the same message on all fronts with a little bit of facebook advertising rolled into it.”

Now that we know what a perfect digital campaign is not. Lets talk about the 7 Key things that I feel make up the dream digital campaign.

Target Market

Marketing 101 – your campaign has to be directed towards a specific someone. And its really important for you to know who that someone is. You can segment your target market based on a number of things that are important to you. It could be age, interests, line of work, location language etc. But you do need to define who your targets are. Because who they are defines which digital medium you should focus on the most. You may find that people in Australia use Hi5 or Friendster more than they use FB. Or the UAE crowd is more into tweeting or forums than blogging or sms campaigns. So a defined target will help you choose your target digital fronts. And this leads us nicely into point #2…

Synergize and Complement

All your assets should work in synergy and complement each other, with ONE asset starring as your anchor. Just doing this one thing, forms about 30% of a successful campaign. Each asset should dispense information ideal to its digital nature and direct consumers towards the asset that has been chosen to be the anchor. Which asset gets chosen as the anchor depends on your campaigns theme and what kind of messaging would be most effective.  This approach has 2 main benefits

–           Consumers will never get confused about which asset they should use to participate in the campaign. Campaign messages will almost never get misunderstood this way and they will be crystal clear to your audience.

–          You need not worry about intense campaign administration, where you have to post and repost campaign messages on every single digital front of yours.

Creating Interactive and Magnetic content

Everybody knows this is the age of engagement. Nowadays you can’t just broadcast your message for people to see. You have to get them involved and compel them to share your thoughts with others. You need to come up with magnetic content that helps them to immerse themselves in your brand. It could be a viral video, a game centered around your brand, an inspirational interview/story, a quiz or even a music clip on Sound Cloud. The point is they should really get to experience what your brand is about. This is something that no amount of one way advertising can do.

Heres a good article on mashable on how to create magnetic content which I think will help.

Optimized for mobile

The trend of accessing the digital world through mobile devices is only getting stronger. Hence it would be foolish not to optimize your campaign related digital assets for the mobile medium.  This is a must do. For e.g people don’t like constantly zooming in or not being able to see some content properly. What they may hate more is content that takes ages to load. Studies have shown that on mobile channels, people like small bits of information that they can access and consume quickly.

I’d like to add a special note here and stress that this point is a very important one to consider.  In my view, we tend to digest more promotional and recreational information while browsing on a mobile device than we would on our PCs. That’s because mobile browsing in many circumstances is done when we have some time to kill during breaks from work or chores.  So  we’re more open to check out and pay attention to random stuff that we may otherwise not focus on . I find that one always uses the PC with a specific task or goal in mind. But that’s not the case with the mobile browsing.

You also have the added factor of people being more attentive to the emails they receive on their mobiles. With every email that comes into your mobile inbox you almost always look at your device to see who its from. And so a catchy tagline is bound to catch your attention once in a while. Which brings us to the next point…

Don’t forget email

Don’t think that email will ever be forgotten with all this attention being given to social media. Email is a very personal, very secure space which consumers turn to, to receive things that matter to them. Brands must use this channel to support their promotional initiatives by sending out well crafted content to their consumers. But emails shouldn’t just be sent out to everyone in your list. Try to maintain preferences of your consumers and send out related emails to them. If they are interested in the topic they are bound to explore more about it.

Advertise effectively

While it may not make sense in every case, online advertising through search engines, related sites and social media can yield impressive results. The trick here is to identify the mediums that will bring you the most gains. For example I would rather advertise on a well known restaurant review site than Google when it comes to promoting a business that’s all about food. It may be a little expensive but the target group im looking for is bound to be there talking only about where and what to eat; and Ill probably get more results there. Similarly I may choose to use Facebook when im promoting an event because that’s the place where everyone goes to be social.  That’s why its important to know where to spend your advertising dollars. Just blanketing all mediums with ads is not going to work.

Analyze and tweak in real time

Don’t think your job is done once your campaign is launched and operational. You must constantly assess how its doing to see if you’re achieving your benchmark numbers. Use analytics to track your results. See if any source or activity is not really bringing in the numbers like you thought it would.

Amend the message or change the user experience a bit to see if you do better. Real time analysis can highlight many important things most important of which is the consumers’ reception of your message. So don’t leave it till the end to figure out how people responded to your campaign. Your efforts during the campaign can be ‘game changers’ that help you take a campaign from good to great.

In the end just remember that setting up a great digital campaign isn’t impossible. Nor is it overly hard. But it does require you to spend some time coming up with a holistic strategy that among other things incorporates all of the above.

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