Top 7 tips to promote your New Year’s Eve Events


Ok people. New Year’s Eve is right around the corner and if you are doing a New Year’s Eve event, then there are some things that you need to be doing right now to make sure you “get the fans in the stands.” Here are my top 7 tips you need to consider to effectively promote your NYE event.

1)      Start promoting right away if you haven’t already. NYE is 4 days away. This is the time to start building hype on your forums. Start giving people tidbits of what they can expect. Share with them on a regular basis the preparations you are undertaking for the most amazing event of the year. And if you want to create a lasting impact, then give them a visual.  For example, start sharing photos of the preparation of the event. Stage shot, the event venue, the lighting setup… all are great things to start creating buzz because these are the things people share with others. Another cool idea would be to record candid interviews of the people involved and post them on your pages. Let them explain their vision and explain why this event will be the event of the year.

2)      Use hashtags that matter. I know everyone wants to start a trending topic by creating their own hash tags on twitter. These are great to garner attention. But if you don’t have enough followers or don’t extend your reach to the fullest, chances are these tags won’t ever get popular. A  great strategy, so close to the last minute is to piggy-back off already existing hashtags that are already trending. This way you exponentially increase your reach by minimal effort. You don’t have to think hard about which hashtags to use. Just think about the generic ones that are popular and can also be used in context to what you want to tweet about. Since NYE is quite a general topic, you can use #dubai  or #abudhabi to promote your NYE event. This is of course if you’re in my region. Otherwise use the city name that you are in. As a matter of fact you can even use a combination of #dubai and #nye in your tweets. NYE is a trending topic across the globe so you are bound to garner more attention like this rather than creating your own hashtag so close to the day of. Check out a list of trending hashtags in your region and see how you can incorporate them in your tweets to promote your event.

3)      Don’t be a showoff if you have recently screwed up. Recently Australia’s Qantas Airways started a twitter campaign asking users to tell them about their “dream inflight luxury experience”. They asked them to respond with the hashtag  #quantusluxury. This back fired on them because Quantus was coming out of a customer service nightmare due to a series of flight delays and cancellations. Instead of saying good things on the forum, many people used the hashtag to sarcastically voice their frustrations with Qantas(full article available on this link). So be weary of this fact. Consumer insight is always good. But timing is everything. Right around NYE, when people are talking about where to go and what to do, the last thing you want is you being displayed in a negative light.

4)      Be quick to respond to questions. Cannot stress this one enough. It’s a ‘no-brainer’. People want to find out more about your event so you must tell them. And you must tell them asap. This is the time when they are making plans. The slightest delay in responding to them can make them not come to your event. Take me as an example. Me and my friends have changed our plans at least 3 times because the people we were following up with didn’t respond in time. By the time they responded we had already found a better option and they just lost out on getting around 30 people to their event.

5)      Actively handle customer complaints before and during.  Complaints are bound to come in because you can’t make everyone happy. What will make the difference here is you acknowledging them and trying to sort them out asap. People can use these networks for voicing their frustrations. When they do, you should be ready to jump in and cool them down. This will go a long way and will have effects that go far beyond you running a successful NYE event

6)      Don’t stop with the updates… especially on the day. People want to know how things are building up. They want to know what the traffic is like, how the crowd is looking or whose on the stage. They want to know if tickets are being sold at the door, if they are sold out or if the main event is starting. So give these people what they want. Share all of the above information and more. Pictures and videos can create a visually enticing experience like nothing else and you have to share them to show just how fabulous your event is turning out to be.

7)      Sharing after the event. Tell the people how successful your event was. Talk about it on your forums. Post pictures on twitter and facebook. Upload your videos on Youtube and other video sharing sites. Let them go viral and spread the word. Even though this year’s new year event would have passed, you will have shown people what they missed out on. And by seeing how amazing your event was, they will definitely consider your next NYE event (or any other event for that matter) more seriously.

That’s it folks! During this time, promotion and engagement counts for a lot and you should pull your socks up making sure you are doing this for your event(s). There’s honestly no time to waste. So..

Good luck and a Happy New Year!


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