What Google’s Autocomplete says about men, women, models, the world and many other things


After reading Mashable’s article on what Google Autocomplete thinks about Super Bowl advertisers, I thought I’d check out what Autocomplete has to say about a few other things. Some like the reputations of Muslims and Pakistanis were sad to learn about while others like Tom Cruise being an idiot and men liking My Little Pony were quite amusing.

Overall though, it really is quite interesting to see what perceptions people hold about different topics and other people; so Im sharing a few of those below. Check them out and see if you would ask the same questions or if autocomplete surprises you:



autog15 autog14 autog13 autog12 autog11 autog10 autog9 autog8 autog7 autog6 autog5 autog4 Autog3 autog2 autog1


Do you agree with what Autocomplete returned? Feel free to chime in.

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